Servicing Royalty

THREE KINGS BONDED, owned and operated by: Curtis Lowe, III, Kershon Chapman and Christoper Dendy are regarded for exceptional product services, beyond comparison, to any other in today's vending industry standards.

THREE KINS BONDED are our collaborations of ideas, endeavors and goals; forged by our of Strong-will, Determination, our Sense of Pride and Fortitude to be known as the best.

There is no long-drawn out "magical" story of finding a the proverbial "glass slipper" while waling through the neighborhood streets.  There was also no Genie of the Lamp that we rubbed,  appearing, and granting us (3) wishes.  It is simply the pure desire of (3) men to provide services on a level, paired with Royalty.

Our company was formed by three friends [more like brothers] who decided to offer something that they felt others were lacking in this industry.  Something of value/worth, and that is simply GREAT SERVICE, EVERYTIME.  We offer vending services to cater to the needs of our clients and or their clients.  Our vending services vary from express foods and snacks to photo booths and products that would eliminate the need for our customers to travel to any other location than YOUR BUSINESS.  Vending your products also provides a "safe" and 100% germ free way of your clientele receiving their products directly, without 3rd party interaction.

Our corporate office is located in historical Savannah, Georgia, currently servicing the entire South-East region of the United States.

THREE KINGS BONDED challenges you to experience exactly what sets us apart from our competitors, with over 45 years of EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE.   With a proven track record, we promise to assist you with growing your business to new levels of potential earning, you dare not imagine...TRUST US, we won't let you down.